Today, I am presenting my case in my contempoary music seminar why John Corigliano is one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century. Perhaps the details will make their way onto the blog at a later date, but I just wanted to say there’s something absolutely breathtaking about Corigliano’s cyclical genius, his beautiful palette of colors, his sounds of textural diversity, his melodies and catchy motives, and the intellectual depth and social commentary within each carefully constructed work.

This morning, after a week of ups and downs (mostly downs), listening to “Prayer” from Corigliano’s Symphony No. 3, “Circus Maximus”, sent chills up my spine (as it always does). I’m fortunate enough that, even after all of these years, I am still incredibly moved by beautiful music, and this morning was no exception. I hope to never become too cynical to be emotionally heightened through music as so many in our profession fall prey. If you are in need of a soul search, beautiful and bittersweet moments of hope intertwined with nostalgia, this movement is for you.

“Prayer” from Symphony No. 3, “Circus Maximus”, John Corigliano

Money moment of power is at 4:40, but it only works if you listen through. Truly, this reflects the triumph of the human spirit over the drones of society.

You can find the full work here. Buy it. Support the arts. Support the brilliant musicians of the University of Texas who worked their tails off to pull this off. Support UT Austin for commissioning Corigliano to write the work. Support Corigliano so he continues to make masterworks.