Daily Dose of Crumb

Good morning folks.  It’s 9:20 am, and I’m prepping for classes today by listening to both Bartok’s second string quartet and Crumb’s Black Angels (not simultaneously, of course, thought that might prove interesting!).  Those of you who know me personally are probably aware that I am not a morning person whatsoever, and being up in the 8:00 hour is a difficult endeavor for me.  Needless to say, coffee works wonders.  As do Bartok and Crumb to wake one up.

Speaking of coffee, I’ve begun writing a non-serious one act operetta called The Music School.  More to come later, but the basic plot line revolves around a certain number of stereotyped characters you might expect to find in the music school, professors and students alike.  The opening number for the operetta will feature a “Graduate Student” chorus singing about their addictions to coffee.  I’ve begun typing up some drafts, but I’ll post more as I do more with it.

Today’s agenda includes lecture/discussion on Bartok and Crumb (surprise!), a conducting lesson, rehearsal for the Brahms Clarinet Trio in a minor, Beethoven 9 (movements 3 and 4), then a coaching session with the string faculty for the Brahms.  Then, a bit of free time and helping a friend design a poster for her upcoming graduate recital.

Beethoven 9….What’s your favorite movement or part?