So, for the reader or two who actually keep up with this blog (hi, mom and/or dad….), you likely know I have a part time front office job in a fine arts setting. We have a beautiful and expensive color printer that is sort of the equivalent of a copying Ferrari. Sexy, sleek, powerful, and expensive, but maintenance is IMPOSSIBLE. The copier is finicky beyond belief, and often decides to quit printing without any rhyme or reason. Not even error codes, just a “Fault: please power off” screen.

Artist Rendering of not our printer

Luckily, we have a service contract with magic copier people who can make all problems go away…temporarily. Problems reoccur several days later, we make the service call, and a day or two later they arrive. It’s sort of a biweekly ritual here at the office.

So, naturally, we’ve been having this fatal (unspecified) error for the past several days. And, naturally, when the technician arrives, there is no log of the problem (I’m not sure if the printer even keeps a log….), and the printer seems to be fine. I’m positive that nobody in the office is crazy, as it happened 5-6 times yesterday. I mean, surely FOUR people can’t all be this delusional……..right?

*Update* We DID get a misfeed. But no sign of the “Fatal Error: Please shut down” message…….yet….


Spring, how anxiously I await thee

Spring is my favorite season. It represents a time of new beginnings, rejuvenation and is a departure from the rigidity of winter. Flowers bloom, relationships blossom, the outdoors become a staple, and all seems right with the world.

Of course, Colorado weather likes to tease the arrival of spring by offering premature tastes. The weather from Sunday through Tuesday was spectacular: in the 60s, sunny, and inviting. Today, ice frozen on my windshield with the occasional falling snowflake.

I think it’s incredible to think about nature’s ability to affect temperament and to inspire. It’s brilliant how the perfect evening can be an incredible compliment to an evening stroll through downtown. Or to think of the archetype of the beauty of nature inspiring so many great artists throughout history. Seeing a beautiful day makes me feel more connected to Brahms, or Schumann in his Wunderjahr. It took me a long time, but the sincerest beauty of pastoral music has finally started to resonate and connect with my spirits.

Spring break is around the corner. My social life is at a peak. I am conducting with the Fort Collins Symphony in concert on the 17th. To think of the paranoid skeleton of myself a year ago….The insecure doubter, unable to ward off the inevitable heart ache…..As spring approaches, I feel a sense of rebirth. What a difference a year can make.