Coming Back From The Blogging Dead

After a two year hiatus, I’ve decided to begin blogging again. So much has happened in two years. More on this in a different blog. For today, I shall simply offer a thought.

It is truly amazing at how small of a world this is. It is also truly amazing how anonymously connected we are.

I’ve finally decided to pay a webdesign consultant to redo my website. While perusing a google search for “Adam A Torres”, I ran across the following link:

Some anonymous individual included a YouTube video of mine in a Tumblr entry! Money Quote:

“While many of us can ‘conduct’ … probably few of us could communicate as effectively with the musicians as this conductor – Adam A Torres (I checked for his name today).

Every Sunday for months, ‘we’ having been watching this overture – mainly because of the ‘joy of music’ communicated through the conductor.”

It’s a great feeling to know that, however insignificant you feel your work is at times, that there is always a remote chance of connecting with an anonymous individual, who was inspired enough to write words of praise about an individual whom he/she had never met. Keep fighting the good fight, eh?


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